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  • When it comes to legal assistance, it's rare and invaluable to find an attorney that truly is interested and empathizes with the given situation yet its so essential since you work with them typically at times of tension. Cassie is a step above for this simple reason. She is helping my family and I with an insurance appeal related to the passing of loved one; certainly the last thing you want to deal with on top of the other emotional stress. Cassie jumped in an without a doubt showed my family she genuinely cared about getting to the right outcome and answer for us. Other legal experiences i've had (with other firms) have always felt like they were doing me a favor and more importantly that i was just one of many clients; with Cassie you feel like you have their sole attention. We are so grateful for the support Cassie has provided and continues to.
    Ben W.
  • "Wow...I finally read the whole appeal document, you all did an AMAZING job!!! Everything was so thorough and cross referenced up the wazoo... I know it's not over until it's over, but I heaved a great big sigh of relief and felt more confident than I ever have about all this. "
    Susan B.
  • I received your packet in the mail today, and read the appeal. I think that it's very good, and I want to say "thank you" to you and your team
    Gilbert G.
  • Through all of this, I feel that it has been such a blessing to deal with such a likeable, real, and good person as Cassie, whose calming demeanor was instrumental in getting me through this difficult process.  Thank you, Cassie!
  • In situations where I am facing dire health circumstances, she conveys a level of concern and kindness that is deeply appreciated. . . . Her assistant Diedra is very nice to interact with as well.
    Walter P.
  • You were outstanding and a joy to work with! We will definitely look into keeping you on board as I know how Aetna works. Again, thank you for all you did, your work, and your fire, was just outstanding!!!!!!!!!
    Laura F.
  • I put my confidence in you and your team. I could not be more pleased with the result. I don't have anything to compare your appeal to but if I were the adjuster – I sure would cut my losses and approve the claim and move on to someone less disabled! Bless you,
    Mary L.
  • My utmost praise and gratitude goes to Cassie in the handling of my appeal!
  • Cassie has consistently demonstrated the fierceness and back-bone we all want an attorney that is fighting for you to have.
    Walter P.
  • Cassie Springer Ayeni represented me in my short-term and long-term disability claim against a major national insurance company, who denied my claim. Cassie's diligence, expertise and insight resulted in bringing the Lion to its knees and, as a result, the insurance company agreed to pay my past, present and future benefits. Cassie is also a great communicator, who builds complete trust with her clients.
    Scott A.
  • Excellent! Thorough yet concise…I'm quite impressed, and very pleased. Thanks again for all your hard work.
    Warren L.
  • Thank you so much, Cassie!! It has also been a pleasure working with you! This [settlement agreement] will make such a difference in my life, thanks to your help!
    Susan C.
  • Cassie is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also compassionate, organized, and thorough.
  • She exudes a level of knowledge and a sense of relatability that made someone in my position feel at ease. It made it very easy for me to say "yes, please represent me with my long-term disability claim."  
    Walter P.
  • Cassie's strategy for my appeal was flawless…
    Colleen S.