We are here for you


Cassie Springer Ayeni explains what compassion at Springer Ayeni means to her:

When clients call me for the first time, their worry is palpable. My first job is to listen. There is a story, sometimes a tragedy, that needs to be told. I will ask some questions here and there to guide the conversation, but sharing such personal information deserves undivided attention, and that is what I give.


The only time I called an attorney about a crisis in my own life, I had the opposite experience: the attorney I talked to was dismissive and cold, focused on money rather than on the real-life implications of the crisis. I am so grateful for that negative experience because it showed me exactly whom I would never be in my practice. It is difficult enough to be suffering from a health crisis and a potential loss of income – my job is to make life easier on my clients. I take the worry of a disability or life insurance denial away, so that my clients can focus on getting their lives back on track.